From time to time, we will share some good news of our progress at Eagle and Dove Academy. Our students and staff work hard, and the good news not only makes our day, but it lets others know that great things are happening in our program. To read our current monthly newsletter, click here.

When the elementary school year begins, each of the schools has 16 spots to fill with students who need reading intervention or, in the case of kindergarteners, reading readiness skills. If a school does not use all 16 of its spots, then we open those to the other schools that have more students who need our help. 

Each year about 9% of our students are nonreaders. They are placed in the Starter Level. The remaining students are grouped according to their reading level based on their DRA score (a test given at the beginning of our program each year). Classrooms are established based on those reading levels. We’re proud that we can proved a low teacher-to-student ratio, allowing each child to receive direct instruction. Most classes have 6 students to 1 teacher.

Here are some highlights from our most recent year-end report:

Highlights from the Eagle and Dove Year-End Report for the school year 2017-2018:

  • Total number of unique students served = 212
  • Average daily attendance = 79%
  • Reading improvement from September – May = 2.12 grade levels
  • Number of city-school district peer tutors = 16
  • Student to teacher ratio: 6:1 (8:1 at higher levels)
  • Communication: incoming & outgoing parent calls = 587; parent conferences = 39
  • Professional conferences & meetings: 15
  • Nutritional snacks were served each day by Aunty’s Catering through the Children’s Hunger Alliance.
  • A nutritionally balanced meal (per USDA guidelines) was provided free of charge for each child every day we were in session, also by Aunty’s Catering through the Children’s Hunger Alliance.
  • Our community partners and volunteers included:
    • Nehemiah Foundation & Sonshine Club
    • I Supply Company
    • Gordon Foods
    • Grace United Methodist Church
    • Oakwood Village
    • Children’s Hunger Alliance
    • Schaeffer Middle School
    • Keelsra Company LLCP
    • Springfield City Schools
    • The Reading Lady
    • United Senior Services
    • Walmart (east end)
    • Young Women’s Club
    • Delta Kappa Gamma
    • Texas Roadhouse
    • Private donors
  • More than 2,700 families were given food assistance of more than 80,000 pounds of food.
  • New and quality used clothes, as well as food donations, were provided to students as needed. 
  • Children enjoyed enrichment activities that included visits from the Raptor Center, The Columbus Zoo, Cyndi the Magician, the Puppet Man Reading Program, a middle-school rock band, senior citizens’ performance of Beatles’ music, Cookie with a Bookie, and the Story Lady. We were also able to provide art lessons to 10 students each month.
  • Members of the Grace United Methodist Church provided both Christmas shoebox gifts for each child as well as Easter baskets in the spring.
  • Freedom of Education treasurer Bruce Eckler and Storybook Lady Mary Ahlborn handed out the trophies and awards to students on Awards Day on May 15, 2018.